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Jun. 2011 17


Sammy getting a belly rub

picture: Sammy getting a belly rub

(Only a couple of parts to the DYO Sous Vide kit have arrived so far.  Looks like this weekend will be dedicated to garage clearing and making cheese.  I was always taught to have dessert last, so the cheese making will probably be Sunday.)

Apr. 2011 16


Sammy and the CheeseWife™

picture: Sammy the CheeseWife™

Apr. 2011 8


Another Paddy post I’m afraid:

picture: Paddy with a stick

The CheeseWife™ was trying to get his attention so the picture would show his gorgeous baby blues, so she held a stick up for him to sniff.

I will prepare a brief cheese post next but am short on time today.

Apr. 2011 1


Paddy MacKannick sez:

picture: cat on SUV air intake

SUV can haz nu transmishin?

Mar. 2011 25


This is Scampi

Picture: Scampi the cat

She was a stray kitten who started living in our yard.  We coaxed her into the house when the weather got cold two winters ago.  The CheeseWife™ named her Scampi because she usually scampered away whenever she saw us. She is still a little skittish about people but is really good friends with our cats, particularly Sam.  When she lets us pet her, she really purrs, stretches and otherwise lets us know that she likes it. Sometimes when it is really cold out she curls up on the bed behind my knees for warmth.  Shortly after she moved in with us, we took her to the vet for shots and getting “fixed.”  Actually she was prepared to function all too properly and we changed that, so I think of it as having her “broke!”