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Jan. 2012 23

Texas Cheese Makers and Mongers

This is a list of Texas cheese makers and sellers for whom I have found information.  I will update this post whenever I find new information.

Map to Texas Artisan Cheesemakers

Also please visit texascheesetour.com for up to date information on the Texas Cheese scene.

Texas Cheese Makers

Texas Cheese Mongers (people who sell cheese: “Cheese Monger”, great title, right?)

If any of this information is inaccurate and you can help me update this list, please click the comments link (top right near the post title) and let me know what information to correct.  Thank you in advance for any such information!

Jan. 2012 21

Under Construction

Under Construction

There may be a little dust and mess here for a couple of days.   I am changing the WordPress theme and may reorganize quite a bit.  Please pardon the noise and mess!

Jun. 2011 1

Not dead, just tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk

HoganFarms blogging has been non-existent for some weeks while I was preparing for and executing a large hardware migration at work.  I offer my sincere apologies!  I did make a firm cheese a few weeks ago from regular pasteurized milk and am still aging it.  It looks pretty good, so I may need to cut into it tonight.   I need to restore lost calories from last “weekend.”  “Weekend” is in quotes because it was all work.  I also had another attempt at a firm cheese fail but it makes a nice spread on morning toast.

I did register for the American Cheese Society meeting in Montreal in August and have explained to all at work that early August I will be out of country and focusing on cheese rather than information technology.  If you are going too, I will see you there!