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Texas Cheese Makers and Mongers

This is a list of Texas cheese makers and sellers for whom I have found information.  I will update this post whenever I find new information.

Map to Texas Artisan Cheesemakers

Also please visit texascheesetour.com for up to date information on the Texas Cheese scene.

Texas Cheese Makers

Texas Cheese Mongers (people who sell cheese: “Cheese Monger”, great title, right?)

If any of this information is inaccurate and you can help me update this list, please click the comments link (top right near the post title) and let me know what information to correct.  Thank you in advance for any such information!

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  1. January 23rd

    I have set comments to require me to review them for the first post by anyone. Once I confirm the commenter’s first post, their later posts can display shortly after they post.

  2. Babs
    January 23rd

    Add to the list of TX cheese makers:

    South Texas Artisan Cheese in Edinburg.


  3. Alice
    October 26th

    As I understand it, Jersey cows are not fed grains is this correct? I am looking for cheese distributors that do not feed their cows grains. I am making a list of Gluten Free Cheese distributors for a website I am building. I want to be able to to help my readers find the products they are looking for without all the issues I have had.

    • Dan
      October 26th

      Hi, Alice! Welcome to my blog. Most artisan cheese makers look for milk producers who use no grain or “TMR”. I can specifically vouch for Veldhuizen Farm in Dublin as Stuart grass-feeds his cows and sometimes supplements with hay (not silage). Veldhuizen raises Jersey and Guernsey cows. Also, Eagle Mountain Dairy in Grandbury buys their milk from Sandy Creek Farm in Bridgeport (cowquest.com). Sandy Creek raises Brown Swiss cows and they are also grass fed. I think that Brazos Valley uses only grass fed cows but am not totally certain. I suspect most of the others on my list of Texas Artisan Cheesemakers also go only for grass-fed, but have not visited all of them and asked on that point.

      If you are really concerned about gluten, I thought I would add that blue cheese is usually made from one of the blue penicillin strains and those are usually grown on bread before inoculating the cheese. It may be possible to grow the penicillin on a gluten-free bread, but I have not personally seen anyone listing that as their process yet.

      If you find any Texas cheese makers that are not on my list, please let me know!

  4. April 3rd

    Cheese Peddlers is a retail wine & cheese shop in the Dallas Farmers Market since May 2012.
    I feature TX produced artisan cheeses primarily from Veldhuizen Farm and a variety of smoked and “flavored” cheeses from Fischers Meat Market in Dublin, TX. Would you please include my shop in your list of “Mongers”?

  5. August 10th

    Dont forget us! We are a small Grade A located in the Texas Panhandle, specializing in artisanal fresh and aged goat cheeses! 

    • November 3rd

      Hi, I just added you to this list and to my Google map of Texas Cheesemakers! I look forward to hearing great things from you!

  6. Nancy Vann
    December 24th

    Does anyone sell a mozzarella that is made from 100% goats milk?

  7. Chris
    April 12th

    Some years ago I read a news report about a Texas cheesemaker who had traveled to Wisconsin to learn how to make cheddar cheese, and returned to Texas with the knowledge. One product from that cheddar-making process is highly prized fresh cheese curds, warm and milky, that squeak when you eat them. You can buy refrigerated one, but they’re not the same. They must be fresh to squeak. I subsequently corresponded with that cheesemaker and he said he might possibly be interested in doing a special order of cheese curds, but at that time I wasn’t able to rustle up enough people to commit to buy to make it worth his while. Not sure I could now, but there’s been some interest and I said I’d try to find out who he was. Any idea? I know the factory was near Houston and they made cheddar cheese, but that’s all I remember. Thanks.

    • Dan
      April 13th

      Hi Chris! The first Texas cheesemaker who comes to mind for this is Stuart Veldhuizen near Dublin, southwest of Fort Worth. I know he took his initial training in Wisconsin and he does make various cheddar types. There is a cheesemaker near Cameron in south central Texas who makes cheddar, but I have not met him, so I don’t know where he took his training. There is a place called Texas Cheesemakers just north of Houston, but again I don’t know them personally either. I will ask around.

  8. November 9th

    Wow I just realized that I had not yet added Stanzeski’s to the list of cheese mongers. Fixed now, both on this post and on the Google map.

  9. January 25th

    Brook Acres Organic Jerseys will have available for sale small bulk amounts (100-300 gallons) of USDA certified organic all-Jersey grassmilk available for sale April, 2018. We will also have this milk available for sale in vat pasteurized non-homogenized bottled milk.

  10. October 15th

    Looking for dairy/cheese people to participate in the Harvest Moon Celebration in Comfort Texas on Oct. 27th. Sorry abt late notice! Just found you! From noon to dark.
     Benefits Last Chance Forever, the Bird of Prey Conservancy. Would love to support this industry!

    • January 21st

      Dang! I am so sorry I missed this comment until today, much too late to help you. I hope it was a big success!

  11. Louise Lynn
    May 21st

    We love cheese! We have a semi with a 53 foot refrigerated trailer and can transport your cheeses to your markets. Please contact Louise at 214-970-8390 if you would like a quote. We would love to support more people having access to artisan cheeses!

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