Mar. 2011 4


I am given to understand that by decree any day is Caturday, but I plan to confine myself to Fridays.
picture: Paddy's first day with us
This picture is about three years old.  It was the first day that Paddy consented to move in with us. Paddy (Padraig) Hogan is senior cat among the four who share our home. On the occasion of future Caturdays I will introduce Sam, Libby and Scampi.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up some raw cow’s milk at Lucky Layla Farms in Plano to make my next cheese.   I plan to post pics with some notes on the process.   People are always asking “How do you make cheese?” so this will be my first real explanation.  Most of the time I have used Borden, Braum’s or Oak Farms pasteurized whole milk.   This will be my first raw cow’s milk cheese.

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