Jun. 2011 10

5 Things to do this weekend

Clean some more junk out of garage: large ongoing project.
Get some extraordinary milk and make cheese out of it.
Get some Purina Pro Plan for my little furry feline friends.
Go to Pendery’s in Fort Worth for many incredible chili powders.
Smoke some meats because it is fun: chicken, turkey, beef brisket.

Update 6/14/2011: Unfortunately I only did 4 of the 5.  I failed to go out and get some great milk to make cheese.  The smoked meat is wonderful, my spice cabinet is refreshed, my cats are well fed and I made great progress on cleaning my garage.  Next weekend I will trim the list to just these: work on the garage and make cheese!  Ok, maybe I will add a low priority item to try sous vide sometime soon.  Ok, who am I fooling?  It looks like I need to start making one of these DIY Sous Vide kits.

Update 6/15/2011: I have ordered most of the parts for the DIY Sous Vide kit and will start building it soon.  It looks like the kind of thing that takes a few hours spread over several days.   I will post progress here on the blog!

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