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Article about Texas Cheese Makers

My article about the celebration at Celebration Restaurant for award-winning Texas cheese makers has been posted at  The CheeseWife™ and I attended this reception last Thursday night and met some wonderful people and had some incredible cheese and yogurt.   I had met a few of the people before this at the American Cheese Society conference in August, but somehow I missed a few of them.

I was honored to meet Paula Lambert, founder of Mozzarella Company,  at the Celebration event.  I found her to be as warm and charming as I had heard she is.

Edgar Diaz was also charming and the CheeseWife™ raved about his drinkable yogurt.

Amelia Sweethardt proved true to her name and her goat blue cheese is to die for.

I had met Dave Eagle, of Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese at ACS, but Dave was unable to attend this event.  His son Matt did though and it was great getting to meet him.

Rebeccah Durkin, of Brazos Valley Cheese amazed me with a description of how they had recently made rennet and showed me some pictures of the process.  At first I was taken aback but then it occurred to me that, being a part of an agrarian community and having a butcher, they had access to the skills and resources.  Silly city boy!  Rebeccah and I had attended some of the same sessions at the ACS meetings this summer so it was fun to catch up with her and Rebekah Deines on some of the news at Brazos Valley Cheese.

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