May. 2012 26


It has been too long since I have posted so I will post a list of quick updates.  I have been sick with the flu for a couple of weeks and a lot of other things are going on so I have neglected the blog for awhile.

  1. I underestimated the ability of my cheese aging fridge to suck humidity out of the air and ruined several cheeses, including the Arrogant Bastard cheese.  I am now using large Rubbermaid containers to give the cheeses their own micro-climates in the same fridge.
  2. In early April I attended an advanced cheesemaking class taught by Three Shepherds Cheese and hosted by Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese in Granbury, Texas.  Linda and Larry Faillace conducted a wonderful class and I met several remarkable people who wanted to learn to up their game in cheese making.  I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in cheese making.
  3.  The CheeseWife™ made some videos about the Cowtown Farmer’s Market and posted them to YouTube.  Many communities have small farmers markets that few people know about or take time to visit.  I will be writing more about local foods in later posts.
  4. After learning more about modern cheese molds, I ordered some Kadova molds and am really pleased with the results.  They are really expensive but worth it.
  5. I have been buying milk recently from Campbells Classic Dairy near Cleburne and am really enjoying the resulting cheeses.  John and Regina Campbell have mostly Jersey cows and produce really great milk.

I will post some pictures about the cheeses I have been making soon.   Also, The CheeseWife™ will start blogging here soon as she gears up for Hogan Farms Texas Cheese Tour 2012.  She is planning to visit several cheese makers and mongers in this great state to interview people who love cheese for more YouTube videos and work on an article for one of the major regional magazines.

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